Final Major Project – Entry #10: Face Rigging

Face rigging is a topic that I am not familiar with. Especially while using the Advanced Skeleton 5 software. I encountered many problems and malfunctions each time I tried to skin the system to the model, even up until this week.

2017-03-23 (7)

Advanced Skeleton 5’s face rig.

The problem and the effort to find solutions in both body and face rigging made me left out a week behind. Not to mention, creating additional equipment for the model also took me about a week. Don’t get me on the environment modeling too because I also haven’t gotten to that part. Meaning that I am left behind 2 weeks on my schedule. The 2 weeks supposedly to be used for draft animation; a simple flow of the animated film with a fixed timing and camera angle.

Therefore, the best solution for this is to:

  • Scrap the idea of compiling draft animation, go straight to production.
  • While working on the animation, spare some time on environment modeling and texturing (there’s only one setting in this animated film so it won’t be much of a burden on schedule)
  • If errors still persist in face rigging, the face rigging will be done by following a tutorial video that was made by our animation lecturer. Meaning that I will drop the Advanced Skeleton 5’s face rig.

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