Final Major Project – Entry #03: Story writing and Storyboarding

First of all, the title of the animation will be named:

The Family Men

So why did I chose The Family Men as a title?
The animation tells a story about two men who collides in a battlefield; a soldier who thirst for blood as an act of revenge for his family that was killed, and a man who had to spill blood in order to protect his family that was trapped in the battlefield. Both are a man with a family that has every reason to kill each other.

  • Story writing

A well-written story contributed most in film works. I have spent quite a time developing the story for this animation. Real-life events, movies, and games did contribute in the development of this animation as references. Not to mention, added with advice from colleagues and lecturer.

  • Backstory

A country located in the South-East of Asia was once a peaceful country but torn apart by a civil war between two different ideologies. Initially started when an influential public figure from a minority race declared himself as a presidential candidate. Protests and riots by certain groups of right-wing and extremists occurred throughout the region. The conflict then reached its peak when the candidate won the election. At the event of the inauguration, few of the government security gone rogue sabotaged the event with rigged explosives that killed many of the government officials, civilians, and the president himself. On that moment, the country turned upside down for its vacuum of power. To solve the problem, different parties of the nation then held an urgent meeting for who is going to take the empty government seats and lead the country. But the disputes for the differences in ideology are too tense that a fight broke out. The meeting was then postponed. However, a certain high influential party secretly merged with other parties that share the same ideology. They then gather supporters, benefactors, and the nation’s soldiers in just a month. And declare themselves as the rightful leader of the country. The other parties and citizens that condemned and opposed this action were either imprisoned or executed. Protests and riots occurred throughout the nation. Eventually leads to a major civil war between the majority party, now-named NDC (National Defence Coalition) and the parties consist of people who stand with the nation’s initial ideology named FF (Freedom Fighters).

  • Character Backstory

NDC Soldier

Former military officer and leader for a peace activist in the middle of the civil war. But backed down after an explosive set off in his home by an unknown perpetrator, killing his family of wife and daughter while only injuring him. He was then told by an NDC intelligence officer that his family was killed by the Freedom Fighters in order to stop him from conducting a peace talk between the two factions. Although the truth is, it was the NDC who killed their family with that goal on their mind. But the thirst for revenge blinded the man. Thus, he joined the NDC as a soldier with the one thing in his mind is to eradicate all the Freedom Fighters soldiers.

FF Soldier

Initially a Biology teacher of a high school, he had to be a soldier in order to protect a refugee camp that sheltered his family in a city that being overrun by the NDC. He had a marriage to a woman of a majority race in the nation and have a 7-year-old daughter who is a mixed-blood. He knows that if the NDC held the refugees captive, his family most likely won’t survive because of the NDC’s racial segregation ideology. Unlike Character A, he had no military experience. He joined the Freedom Fighters only three days prior to the story. He only knows martial arts that were taught to him since he was a child.

  • Plot

The plot will reveal how the story will flow. Here’s some part of the plot written in a simple way:

An NDC soldier shooting enemies on the building

Distracted by a flashback of his past

Shot by an enemy sniper

An FF soldier heard a man in pain from upstairs

 The running FF soldier bumped with the stunned NDC soldier

A fight broke out between the soldiers

The NDC soldier became overwhelmed by the FF soldier

  • Storyboarding

    Storyboarding helped to visualize what I want the animation to look like in a simple way. The storyboard focused on the character action during that scene, the timing of the scene, and the camera works of the scene. Here are some of the storyboard pages:



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