Degree Programme Work #02: Digital Paintings

Digital painting is a familiar activity in my daily life, started as early as 2014, months before I started my diploma programme in Raffles. But back then, I’m still walking down small steps of progress in my digital drawing skills. It was until the mid-2016, that I started to make a huge leap on my digital drawing skills. Here are some of the digital arts that I made throughout the year:

  1. The Mysterious Woman


The Mysterious Woman is an achievement to myself for its marked a one step closer to my progress on mastering digital painting. The drawing was made by my own art style, which is distinctive by its close-to-realistic and sharp look, particularly on the eyes. The drawing visually contrasts by its shades of purple hair. The hair colour combined with her look gives the aura of a mysterious and suspiciously dangerous woman; as intended. The blending of the colour made by the smudge tool and some brush preset that I downloaded to help with the blending. The skin is not realistically textured with bumps like humans for it is an art style of mine.

2. Future Police


In this artwork, I referenced the pose from a video game character. Other than that, the artwork is originally done by me. I’m experimenting with overexposure and contrast in colour in this artwork. As you can see, the edges of the character are very bright because of the intense light exposure coming from both left and right side. I use shades of grey as the main colour of the clothes so that in won’t interfere with the contrast colour of yellow. The experiment turned out well with a result that adds a more dramatic effect rather than a simple lighting that makes it look plain.

3. The Big Boss


The Big Boss is the main character of a famed video game series named Metal Gear Solid. This particular artwork looks different because it was done as a vector art in Adobe Illustrator. There was no image tracing involved, I create the vectors piece by piece by referring to the original image put as a transparent layer on the canvas. It took quite a long time for me to made this because of the details needed, especially the shadings of the hair. This project was initially a personal project to be put on a poster. But I saw a chance in showcasing this for my university project.

4. Selfie


In this artwork, I tried to approach the art style of cartoon drawings. It turned out as expected. With the design, I’m able to reveal that each character has different traits from each other. The blonde woman is an adventurous, a bit of a rebel, but kind-hearted type.The pink-haired woman is the most fashionable and popular figure of the group, but despite that, her real personality contradicts her fame. And for the woman with the white hair, she is the strongest, most anti-social and short-tempered type.

5. Scream, Shout, and Let it all Out


This is a 3-hour quick draw of a character that I made for my final major project, which is creating a short animated film. The purpose of this art is to show agony that has been kept inside the character for a long time and finally got a chance to let it out after a particular moment. the rough sketch, the dark-blue filter, and the dark background gave away the sense of sadness and distress.


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