Final Major Project – Entry #01: Conceptualizing Characters

This entry dedicated to my progress in the Animation Design’s Final Major Project, which lasts for roughly 6 months from now.

The animation is on the conceptualising stage by the first week. The term conceptualising means that I’m creating rough images on how characters, settings, actions, and backgrounds should look like.

Started off with two characters that fight for their family; one to protect them, and one to avenge them.character-concept_front-view_final

Both characters are split into two factions; the FF (Freedom Fighters) who fought for liberty and upholding nation’s ideology, and the NDC (National Defence Front) who started the civil war to reform the nation with their controversial ideology.



The difference between the two factions will be noticeable by their suit’s camouflage pattern and their equipment. The NDC have more of a darker tone of camouflage and well-equipped because they salvage it from the nation’s former military. The FF have a brighter tone of green and are less-equipped because they have no connection with the nation’s previous military and are mostly consists of civilians.


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