Degree Programme Work #01: Sneaking Late Night

The animation is presenting a single cartoon character sneak walking across a house corridor at night. The backstory started with him went out to hang out with his friend without his mother’s permission. He then went back home by late night but realizing that the front door is locked. He then climbed up to the second floor to his house, open the window, and walk sneakily past his parent’s and brother’s bedroom.


The first step that I did was creating the graphics needed, which starting from drawing sketches of the main character. The sketches then scanned and exported to Adobe Illustrator, where I am recreating the character digitally in 2D. The action that I wanted the character to act is a sneak walking. I referenced the sneak walking animation from the Animator Survival Kit book by Richard Williams (2009) I scanned the particular page and exported it into Adobe Illustrator. Once all the key movements for sneaking action have been made. I proceed to open the Adobe Aftereffects software and exported all the 24 images I made. The background required for the animation has also been made with using both software and while paying attention to the color palette.


The second step is the animation production, I arranged the 24 images by the correct order resulting in the effect of the character walking occur. I copied the movement one after another so that the character would have a longer walking time. Next, I aligned the placement of the animation with the background and synced the movement of the character and the transition of the background. The last step is to add the filter and mask the background so that it would look more realistic. I specifically create the effect of light by using the methods. The result of the work then rendered and ready to be viewed as a video file.



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