Review: Storks (2016)

Rating: PG (for mild action and some thematic elements)
Genre: Animation , Comedy , Kids & Family
Directed By: Nicholas Stoller , Doug Sweetland
Written By: Nicholas Stoller
In Theaters: Sep 23, 2016  Wide
Box Office: $71,239,902.00
Runtime: 87 minutes
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures


Have your child’s curiosity reached to a point where they asked you, “Where do babies come from?” And if you think it’s not the right time for them to know (yet), my advice is to bring them to watch Storks. The film features a stork named Junior (voiced by Andy Samberg), who’s the top employee of a company that was delivering babies but now a package delivery company, named Junior is on his way for promotion when he and Tulip (voiced by Katie Crown); the only human on the company, accidentally activates a prohibited Baby Making Machine, resulting, of course, a baby. Junior and Tulip then embark on a wild journey to commit the first-ever baby delivery in years.

The film looks bright and colorful, a warm welcome to its comedic and happy traits. Characters voiced by well-known comedian fits for the genre.But the film’s strongest point is in its sense of humor, each different scene has its own comedy that sent viewers into a burst of laughter, and it came up unpredictably. For example, the scene where the Alpha Wolf (voiced by Keegan-Michael Key) and Beta Wolf (voiced by Jordan Peele) were arguing about whose going to be the real alpha wolf when suddenly they were overwhelmed by the cuteness of the baby.


And when the wolf pack formed into different kinds of transportation in order to chase Junior and Tulip trough rough terrains. Or my personal favorite, when Junior and Tulip were trying to save the baby from penguins but they have to fight in silence because the baby is sleeping.

But the film is noticeably trying to force in unnecessary scenes, such as the part where the Pigeon Toady (voiced by Stephen Kramer Glickman) started singing about finding out Junior delivering a baby. The scene felt absolutely unnecessary remembering this isn’t a typical Disney movies where the characters suddenly start singing around. Not to mention, the singing mixed with the annoying (deliberate) voice that took too long for comfort, able to make you feel the cringe.

giphy (1).gif

The movie is overall worth to watch. The simple plot, the good comedy, and the adorable characters are completely suitable for all viewers. Just be careful if your child starts asking for another baby after watching it.




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