Review: The Secret Life of Pets (2016)

Rating: PG (for action and some rude humor)
Genre: Animation , Comedy
Directed By: Yarrow Cheney , Chris Renaud
Written By: Cinco Paul , Ken Daurio , Brian Lynch
In Theaters: Jul 8, 2016  Wide
On DVD: Dec 6, 2016
Box Office: $367,872,510.00
Runtime: 90 minutes
Studio: Universal Pictures


Every morning, we leave our beloved pets at home just to go to work, without even wondering what they were doing while we’re away. But in the animated film of The Secret Life of Pets, the daily lives of our pets are creatively depicted, some based on its stereotypes and some are not, in order to create laughable twists, and it’s surprisingly interesting. The Secret Life of Pets is a movie that you pet-lovers will enjoy for its non-stop comedy that ranges from laughable acts and jokes to not-so-subtle dark humour, and well-developed. Not to mention, the film filled with adorable characters voiced by some of the very talented actors such as Louis CK as Max, Eric Stonestreet as Duke, and Kevin Hart as Snowball.

Despite that, the movie contains unoriginal plot that resembles the Pixar animated film’s Toy Story; the main character that initially had peace until a new guy moved in, the two of them clashed verbally and physically, resulting them to be lost in a city, and finally become friends as they overcome the struggles trough the plot.

But overall it’s a great film to watch, the likeable characters and the varieties of comedy manage to overcome its plot flaws. And not to mention, this also opens up a chance for it to getting a sequel.



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