Summary: Term 1 (25th July – 16th September 2016)

This is the first term of my degree program in raffles. This term contains 4 modules for us to attend; Professional Practice, Animation Futures, Business Math, and Creative Thinking. Professional Practice is a module that focused on finding and working with a client on a certain project and write down a journal regarding it, this module is taught by Mr. Federico. Animation Futures is related to writing down 3000 words report regarding a certain problem that’s related to animation, and making an experiment/ practical of the topic you chose. This module also taught by Mr. Federico. Business Math class is, of course, learning business math, taught by Ms. Queenie. And Creative Thinking class is a class that helps us to find ways on how to think with creativity, taught by Ms. Carolynne.

In the early weeks of our term, we attend a seminar hosted by the CEO of La Putri, a jewellery company. The company itself has been around for 43 years. In the seminar, I summarised what she shared with us; it’s easier to search for a job nowadays caused by the advance of our technology. But that doesn’t mean it’ll be easier to get one. All company has different personality and culture. We need to stand out more than another applicant so that the company won’t question on why they should pick you. All the CV’s she received from most applicants only contain basic info and their skills set. But what interest her is a person who also knows and did some research on her company. That’s why writing skill is the most basic thing. You need also write down something special in your CV such as your achievements, what inspires you, etc. At times of interview, the first impression always count. Be punctual and dress well. Always stand up or sit straight, speak loud, and be confident. Don’t just get asked. Asks some questions too, so that you and the employer get to know each other.

There was a sharing session there and I got a chance to talk about my experience in my last internship. I shared about all the joy and hardships I encountered there. She also gave me some advice regarding the manner in the workplace.

I encountered difficulty in searching client for my Professional Practice class. I have tried searching the internet but the result is none, my mistake in searching online is that I tried to search via a website that hires freelancers. A new member such as me would take a long time to gain reputation inside the community. A colleague of mine offer a project to work with, but the lecturer suggested me not to because we are both Raffles student. Moreover, my colleague is working on her final major project. I finally came down to an option to contact a company where I’ve been on an internship with; Jamfactory. The reason I didn’t put Jamfactory on the first of my list is because they are focusing on 2D animation, while I’m trying to get a chance on working with 3D related projects. Jamfactory agreed on hiring me to work on a project of 2D animation called Into the Mindfulness.

The project, surprisingly, able to be completed by me in a matter of weeks (August 8th – August 30th) with a very positive feedback from both lecturer and my client. The project helped me gaining experience in 2D animation and on how to handle a project like a professional.

I also ended up having difficulties in the Professional Practice class in the early weeks. I came up with an idea for the report titled Horror Films and Their Lack of Punch Nowadays, but the topic is still considered a large scale, not to mention I have to consider a practical work that has to be related to horror. I replaced the idea with Animation and its place in Hollywood, but the problem still exists; It’s too large-scale and I cannot expect myself make a practical of animation with a quality of Hollywood motion picture. Then I finally came up with an Idea of Animation in Indonesia and Their State of Latency, which of course, focused on the problem in Indonesia animation. But then after weeks of progress, I decided to change the topic name into The Underdevelopment of Indonesian Animation. Other than submitting a report, this module also requires us to submit a practical work that related to animation and the topic of our research, it can be used for either reaching a conclusion or to support a conclusion. For my practical, I’m currently in progress on making a 2D animation.

Another seminar was held at Raffles with a topic regarding the ‘Working Ethics’. Ethics is a moral value that governs the person behaviour. A person with the working ethics is a person who knows the different of right and wrong. The working ethics consists of honesty, transparency, integrity, accountability (commitment), professionalism, and fairness. The talker also talked that a company has a lot to do with the person behind it, or to be said easier; the organization is what the founder is. Take a look at Steve Jobs, who made the mega company Apple. Apple resembles its founder because its principal is doing something new and always striving to achieve more. The talker, who is a jewellery designer, started talking about gold and diamond mining, which is totally out of context for us. More than that, ironically when the talker asked if there’s any jewellery designer here, none raised their hands. I felt bad for the speaker. But the seminar carries on normally, with few questions asked regarding golds and diamond. Until the last part, where she shown us quotes to live up with, such as “Choose an ethical company to work with, Study its history and its reputation”, “If you start a company holds very high standards from the very beginning”, “Honesty is the soul of business”, “It takes 20 years to build up reputation and took 5 min to destroy it”, and my favourite, “There is no right way to do anything wrong”.

Business Math class is surprisingly a rather enjoyable module, perhaps because myself do have interests in maths (not to mention, It has been years since my last math class). We receive exams every 3 weeks of the term. In the upcoming final week, there will be a final exam that covers all the subjects we learned since week one. I personally looking forward to it.

Creative Thinking class is the most unexpected class I’ve ever attend. We started off with grouping ourselves with random students (in the same class) and participating in mind games and problem-solving tests. It was really fun to attend such class. we also have to write a journal to express our thoughts, idea, and plans. Which is part of the submission. Near the end of the term, we have to create a group of 3 to 4 students to create a prototype application that could be useful for everyday lives, this is also part of the submission.


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