Summary: Client Project – Jamfactory (5th August – 30th August 2016)

I started to work with my client from a company provides learning and enablement solutions to businesses and professionals; Jamfactory, by 5th August. The project named Introduction to Mindfulness, and the animation must be done before the end of this month (August 31st) the first step require me to read a PowerPoint file contained a storyboard of the animation. The storyboard looked simple and straight to the point, which made me easy to understand.

By 8th of August, I jumped straight to the graphic production, where I’ll be making assets. I use the term ‘assets’ for all the files needed for the animation, such as the graphics, the texts, and the sound. First of all the animation required a main character, who is a well-known person that has acknowledged his appearance will be used for the animation and that I have to alter him into a cartoon-looking character. Which should be done in The Adobe Illustrator Software. The client also specified that the character not only he should look like the real life person, but also wore clothes that the person likes to wear, which is a traditional Chinese clothes.

The character design has been done by that day and I’ve sent it to my client. She was pleased with the character design, she commented that the character and the real life person showed a huge resemblance. It went well although some minor changes were needed for the clothes. I also classified the files I received and placed it into different folders; Asset, Asset Source, and AfterEffects. The Asset folder contains sub-folders named Background, Character, Object, Graphic Draft, and Sound.


By 17th of August, all the assets have been completely made and reviewed for the project. The assets consist of the main character, a human, the smaller character; the heart and the brain, the objects, and the backgrounds.


All that’s left now is to carry on to the video production. Time passed with more progress each day. I showcase the work-in-progress video to my client because I made some changes that different from the storyboard, such as changing the background into one simple colour, rather than a Chinese-themed background, and adding a more detailed animation to the character. The client agreed to my changes and commented that it’s well-done, so I will keep on progressing.


As of 30th of August, the animated video has been completely done. The rendered video have been reviewed beforehand by my lecturer, which shown a positive reaction towards the work. I have sent the video to my client and waited for their review. Her reply came soon after, contained with the approval my work, she also showed a positive reaction towards the animation. This also mark the end of my client project. The payment will be given in a form of cheque in a matter of 30 days upon finishing this project.

The lesson that I have learned through a month of this project is that I have to follow the instruction precisely as stated in the storyboard and to listen to all the suggestions provided so that there won’t be too many revises on the video, and make sure to always update them each 2-3 days, also always double check your final work because small mistakes are still unacceptable.


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