Article: What Matters

A lot of animated films nowadays are very enjoyable to watch, especially those that were made by big studios like Pixar and DreamWorks. All people from around the world came into cinemas like a flock of birds once the films were released. But that doesn’t mean all this high-budget- global scale animation will always succeed. Because in the end, the quality is what matters. And by quality, I don’t mean the graphics. Sure visual bring attraction, but that’s not the only thing counts. Story, music, setting, concept, moral, voice actors, etc. Are some of the many things that matter.

But oh, did I forgot one more thing? Yes, I did; the characters. What else could make an animated film lives forever other than its memorable characters? Sure the story will always be the number one reason to applaud an animation. But as an animator, I do believe that designing character is something you can’t just take for granted. Take a look at The Minions from the animated film Despicable Me, these funny, small, monkey suit-wearing adorable yellow fellas are so lovable especially with how they speak with mixed languages from all over the world. Everything they did always manage to make me laugh. And I believe I’m not the only one who agrees.


But not all memorable character have to be visually attractive, I mean, look at Shrek, this hideous looking green ogre still has a special place in people’s heart even after more than a decade after his first appearance. Why is that? We always heard the saying: don’t judge the book by its cover. What Shrek has been through mentally is something realistic and shared with many people. The feeling of being rejected, only because you look different from the rest of them. But he stayed strong trough the struggles and eventually managed to be accepted by the people around him. He was a great example and is a character to look up to.



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