Article: Merchandise

A lot of animated blockbuster movie made their way through this year, such as Zootopia and finding dory. These kinds of films made a really high income, Zootopia made more than $1 billion worldwide just for these past months, making it the 4th highest gross in the animated film history right after Toy Story 3, Minions, and of course; Frozen. That’s right, the film with the song you loved at first and then slowly annoys you especially each time people tried to sing its theme song has earned about US$1,28 billion in total.

What makes Frozen earned so much? Of course, the box office selling counts but there is something that gave it more impact on the gross, and that is merchandise. Why? Perhaps you didn’t realise there’s a bunch of little girls dressing as Elsa as birthday parties since then? Or that time you went to the toy store, all you can see are Elsa and Anna dolls? Or when you see everywhere kids went to school they have bags, pencil case, lunch box with Frozen theme on it? Or that one time they sold a flute with a CD on how to play the Let it Go song? (God, that was annoying)


In fact, during the Walt Disney Company’s 2014 first-quarter earnings conference call on February 5, 2014, Disney CEO Bob Iger alluded to “high demand for Frozen merchandise”, which was expanded upon by Disney senior executive vice president and chief financial officer Jay Rasulo, “Over the most recent quarter…if I had to pick out a single item, I would say Frozen items were the single most demanded items at Disney Stores”.



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